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Has BCACC Abandoned the Pursuit of Regulation under the Health Professions Act?

No, quite the opposite!

We have chosen a different path – not waiting another 25 years for something to happen hopefully – but, a more concrete, transparent and pro-active action-oriented path to regulation under the Health Professions Act (HPA).

Having better clarity and providing more insight into the Why, What, How and When will be key/essential as we move forward.


The primary goal for the BCACC to seek regulation of its members under the HPA is to better protect the public.  Period. While the BCACC currently does an adequate job regulating its members under a voluntary, self-regulating mode, regulation under the HPA will afford the public increased protection and more transparency.


Preparing a profession for regulation under a legislated act is quite an endeavor.  While having a Competency profile is important, there are many, many more deliverables to plan for and consider, for example:

  • A revised complaint, inquiry, and discipline process
  • Publicly viewable member registry
  • A mandatory Quality Assurance program (Continuing Education Credits)
  • Clinical supervision program
  • New set of Bylaws
  • Entry requirements for new registrants
  • Recognizing education programs
  • Grandparenting plan
  • Financial model (fees, costs)
  • New Governance model as per the HPA
  • Juris prudence exam
  • Updated Code of ethics
  • Updated and additional Standards of practice including a cultural safety/Indigenous standard
  • Documented labour mobility compliance and requirements


The BCACC will ensure that all of the deliverables mentioned above are in compliance with the requirements set forth as part of the BC government’s Regulatory Modernization recommendations.  We are currently consulting with the health regulatory colleges in BC including the College of Psychologists, past members of the Regulatory Modernization steering committee as well as government officials engaged in regulation.  The CEOs/Registrars/Presidents of the counselling/psychotherapy regulatory colleges and ex regulatory government officials from other provinces are also being consulted.

Our intention is to learn from others’ experiences, proven/accepted methods, and best practices to help mitigate any risks and to expedite the process.  We have hired an experienced Regulatory Modernization Manager to support our initiatives.


The BCACC will keep its membership and other stakeholders apprised of its progress on a regular basis.  By having a “ready to be governed” entity that resembles the other health regulatory colleges, RCCs should be one of the first to be considered for regulation under the HPA by the new oversight committee.  At present we believe that this will not happen for at least 2-4 years.  We anticipate that it will take this much time to get all of our ducks (RCCs) in a row!

If you are interested in knowing more about BCACC’s advocacy efforts and how BCACC is preparing for the regulation of Clinical Counsellors in concert with other provincial and national bodies, please contact BCACC Head Office at 1-800-909-6303.