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A Note to Applicants from the Office of the Registrar

Despite the impacts of COVID-19 being felt around the world, our commitment to professional standards, timely service, and fair process continues. Our team is working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to deliver a package to our office, please call ahead to make arrangements to do so.


You can begin an application by applying online and then make arrangements for any documentation required for your application, as outlined on our Apply Now and Eligibility pages. If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria or application process, please contact our office at [email protected].


We continue to receive and review applications and supporting documentation for applications, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you, your referees or your educational institutions may have about the documentation requirements.


Our application review process continues, and applications for membership will be evaluated as they become complete. Our turnaround times for applications and service are unchanged.


The need for qualified mental health providers has never been greater and will continue to grow over the coming months. BCACC is committed to upholding the standards trusted by the public, extended health benefits providers, and employers. Health authorities, school districts, community service agencies, mental health clinics and provincial and federal levels of government can rely on rigorously vetted Registered Clinical Counsellors.


We are available to help you during regular office hours. Please contact our office by email at [email protected].


We wish you well and look forward to working with you on your RCC credential.


M. Angela Burns,




Apply to BC Association of Clinical Counsellors to become a
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

2. Read all of the instructions on this page and then apply using our online application.

To continue an application, click here. 

3. Order transcripts for all course work listed on your application. Transcripts must be sent directly to us from the institutions. We will accept certified electronic transcripts sent from the university. We will not accept sealed transcripts from the applicant.

4. Review and provide reference forms to supervisors and/or colleagues. Reference forms must then be sent directly to us from the Referees. If you have two Clinical References, you do not need a Colleague Reference.

5. Order letters of good standing from any regulatory bodies with which you currently hold membership, or held membership with in the past. You can login to your application at any time to view the status of your file. Allow 8 weeks for your documents to be received and reviewed.


Tel: (250)595-4448  TF: 1-800-909-6303
Email: [email protected]

What happens next?

Once your application is complete we will update your application status to let you know that your file is being reviewed. The review process for a typical application takes approximately 4 weeks.

If your application is complex, your file may be put forward to the Registration Committee for review and you will be advised of deadlines for your file. Your application might be complex if:

  • You have completed your degree outside of Canada or the United States
  • Your broad base counselling coursework is ambiguous
  • Other reasons as decided by the BCACC Registrar

Once your application has been reviewed, we will send an email informing you if you have been accepted for membership.

My application has been accepted for membership. What now?

The email you receive informing you of your acceptance contains important links to paperwork needed to complete your membership.


This email will contain:

  • New member forms
  • Insurance forms
  • A request for a criminal record check. If you require a criminal record check, it can be completed through MyBackCheck. Click HERE to start the criminal record process through MyBackCheck. Please do not arrange for a criminal record check result until you receive this request.

Once you have submitted these forms to BCACC Head Office it can take up to two weeks to process.